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Oh, my people, my people!

Hello all!  I didn’t get around to blogging last week, but I did reach all my goals except to work on cardio training with my mask once a week.  That training takes about an hour, so it may be a stretch to think I can get it in now that I am back to teaching school and trying to cut down on my extra time spent at the Crossfit box.  So, the cardio is going on the backburner for a bit while I work on some other goals, that is, until I feel like I might be able to start finding the time again to fit it in.  Now that I’ve caught you up on how my goals are going, I’d like to get into my blog topic, a religious one this time. (I warned you that my topics would vary!)  My focus comes from the stories of Moses.


In my Bible reading from Deuteronomy, I came across a scene I was able to just picture in my head and maybe even chuckle a little.  I was reading verses 23-33 of chapter 5, and after reading and picturing the scene in my head, I felt the need to write down what I was picturing.  I wrote it as a play, and I would like to share it with you.  Hope you enjoy!


**The scene begins with the giving of the Ten Commandments and the fire on the mountain.**


(Fire is seen)

People: Look at the fire on the mountain!  This is God’s work!  Someone should go up there and check it out!

(Everyone looks around at each other asking, “Will you go?”  “Oh no, not me, I might die!”  “Maybe Moses will go.” Collective agreement is heard.)

People: Let’s see if we can get Moses to go!

(People sheepishly and hesitantly shuffle up to Moses)

People: Um, Moses, uh. . . We’re not sure if you saw, but, um. . . there’s fire on the mountain.

Moses: Yes.

People: So, uh. . . We uh, we think someone should check it out.

Moses: You do.

People: Yea. (People look at each other, still sheepishly, and nod their heads as they speak.)

Moses: So, why don’t we all go see about it? (Makes motion to get up and head towards the mountain.)

People: (backing away in fear) Well, uh, we were thinking, um. . . Well, the fire will surely kill us, so we were wondering. . .

Moses:  Wondering what?

People: Well, we were wondering if you could go.   You know, find out what God says, and relay it to us. (Crowd nods at each other again in agreement.)

Moses: Really?  So, you’re not worried about ME burning up, but surely you will?

People: Well, you’re our leader and God has spoken to you before.  Maybe He’ll keep you safe since He seems to like you.

Moses: What God has to say is for ALL of you, so He would surely not harm you.  But, since all of you are too chicken. . . I will go alone to see what He says.

(Collective sigh of relief is heard from the people.  Moses laughs to himself, rolls his eyes, and shakes his head as he goes out.)


Later, on the mountain:

Moses: . . . .Yep.  Just a bunch of scaredy cats.  Do you want me to bring them up here so you can give them the information directly?

God: Oh no, just forget it.  Oh, my people!  (sighs) Tell them to just go ahead and snuggle up in their tents.  Wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone.

Moses: Okay, I’ll tell them.

(Moses goes down the mountain and returns later.)

Moses:  Okay, message relayed.  They said that they are grateful and will obey whatever you ask.

God: Oh! If only they would have that attitude forever!  (sigh)  But I know better; I know what will happen.

Moses: I hear you there!  I’ve already seen how these people can be, and you know what the future holds, nothing escapes your sight and knowledge.

God: Well, back to the grind.  Even if they don’t always listen, give them strict instructions to follow and obey; then things will go great for them.

Moses: What if they don’t?

God: Well, let’s just focus on the instructions for now. . .

(Scene ends, curtain down.)



So, there you have it.  That’s what I pictured in my head.  I may have read this before, or even read it many times before, but I never really pictured it like this until my reading the other day.  I couldn’t resist getting it down and sharing it.  I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I will leave you with my goals for this current week.



Scripture: Read Deuteronomy 7

Prayer: Continue praying first thing- really work on keeping this on Saturday and Sunday- write a reminder if necessary!

Crossfit: Hips to rings and hips to bar practice at least twice each this week.  Practice toes to bar and butterfly pullups at least once this week.



My Blessed Life

I’m back!  I know that it has been a few weeks since my last blog, but this is how it will probably be- on again, off again, blogs here and there.  It’s not always easy in our busy lives to find time for everything we wish to do.  Life has treated me well, and I’m feeling grateful to God for all of my many blessings, which I know- when I think about it- that I don’t deserve.  Have you ever thought about that?


We live in a world that is all, “me, me, me” with so many people walking around feeling entitled to certain things.  In an entitlement world, I want to be an exception.  I want to be grateful and generous, giving and selfless, not selfish, self-centered and greedy like many.  Sometimes I have to fight those feelings, though.


I have a preference for being in a certain spot at Crossfit and when I don’t get that spot, I feel out of place and upset. (Doesn’t that person know that’s MY spot?)  Same thing at church- our family has a certain pew we sit in every Sunday.  At work- I have a certain place I like to park.  These are only a few examples, sometimes I feel entitled to be first, to have certain things, to be bestowed with certain privileges- ever feel that way?  If you haven’t, then I’d like to meet you; that is a rarity.


In this world of entitlement, we forget just how greatly we are blessed.  Did you wake up this morning wondering where your next meal will come from, or even whether or not you will have a meal today?  I know I didn’t.  We take for granted even the smallest things.  We don’t have to worry about our next meal, having clean water, having shelter, having all the basic needs.  We take for granted that we have them, yet- are we entitled to more than those who are without those basic needs?  I say no.  What pedestal did we step onto that makes us any better than those in need?  Are we more holy or righteous?  MAYBE in some cases, but in others, we are very much less so because of our attitudes and our actions.


We are no more deserving of what we have than anyone else is.  We are not entitled; we don’t deserve anything.  (I take that back- we probably deserve the worst of the worst sometimes because of our thoughts and attitudes.)  Instead of praising God for what we have and what He has bestowed upon us, we dwell upon what we don’t have but desperately want.  Sometimes it is material things, sometimes it is other things.  For me, my main focus, as far as wants go, has been a relationship that will one-day lead to marriage.  If you’ve read some of my old blogs, you may have guessed this.


But do I deserve, am I entitled to anything that I already have?  Absolutely not.  Although I try to do my best to be what God wants me to be, to follow where I think God is leading me, I still fall short and am no better than anyone else.  I am a sinner, like anyone else; when I think about how unworthy I am, I mean, really think about it, I am ashamed.  No wonder many of the Biblical characters that had heavenly encounters fell on their faces before God.  They realized their unworthiness, much like I sometimes remember mine.


So today, I come into this blog, thinking about how little I deserve, and how God, as a loving father, chose to bless me with SO MUCH, regardless of what I truly deserve.  I couldn’t even begin to list everything I have been blessed with even if I tried.  So that’s the mood of today- how incredibly blessed we are!!  I am feeling grateful and feeling so loved.  I only hope that I can follow His leading and discern where I should and shouldn’t go, what I should and shouldn’t do.  Just to listen and be guided by God on whatever path He wants to take me on.


I have my ups and downs, my days when I feel closer to God, and when I block Him out (like when I want to do something that I know God wouldn’t want me to do.).  My hope is to make the days of following and feeling closeness more, and the days of ignoring and hiding from God less.  To stop worrying about what is popular in this messed up world, and focus on what is right and good and faithful.  And if you’ve stuck with me so far, I have even got new goals for myself.   Thank you for sticking with me, and have a blessed day!

Goals by 8/27/16:

Scripture: Read through Deuteronomy 5

Prayer: Start out rereading selected Bible verses for perspective; Pray EVERY morning, regardless of schedule.

Crossfit: Finish out week 4 of Muscle Up program and do 1 day of elevation mask training. (Gymnastics workshop 8/27, and get that ring muscle-up soon!!)

RP: Evaluate how things are going on cut 3- am I on the right cut, or did I jump down too fast??  Do I need to add in more carbs?? (How does cut 3 feel?)

Mr. Sandman. . .bring me a dream

Dreams.  We all have them, some big, some small, some seemingly impossible.  Dreams can lead us to remarkable places.  They give us a reason to look forward to the future.  After spending the last few posts talking about the past, I thought it might be a good idea to step forward towards the future.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to remember the past so that we can learn from mistakes and avoid history repeating itself, but for good balance, let’s look ahead.


As I’ve mentioned before, my dreams as a child were to meet my “prince charming,” fall in love, and live happily ever after.  My dreams right now aren’t that much different.  I’ll admit that what I really want most right now is to meet the right guy for me- someone with similar morals and beliefs, makes me laugh, fits my personality, that I am attracted to, not a “perfect” guy, just the right one FOR ME- to fall in love, get married, and “settle down” to have kids and spend the rest of our lives together.  I guess that’s why I spent so many blogs recently posting about that aspect of my life.


Besides that, I have different dreams for different aspects of my life.  For instance, take traveling/vacations.  I have several places that I dream of traveling to someday, and it seems that the list keeps growing.  First and foremost is Hawaii- I plan on making it there someday, but would really like to wait until I have someone special to go with me- that would make it even better.  Other destinations I would like to make it to include California (for the Crossfit Games plus a mini-vacay), Washington D.C., and maybe even see a little bit of Europe.  Every time I see someone else post vacation pictures, I feel inspired.


Career-wise, I’ve always thought it might be nice to be a stay-at-home mom.  I know that doesn’t seem like a career, but being off of school during the summer shows me that I find plenty of things to fill my time.  I also think it would be cool to be a professional athlete and get to devote your time to working out and taking care of your body.  I mean, if I could spend all day doing Crossfit and working on my weaknesses, I would be stoked!  I had secret dreams as a kid of being a professional singer, because I love to sing as well.  Maybe I should just win the lottery or something, right?  Then I could devote my life to whatever I wanted without money worries.


As far as where to settle down (instead of living in my apartment forever) I want to live out in the country.   Living in town has only proven to reinforce that idea.  I always had this image of an old Victorian Style house with intricate detail as a picture of my dream house.  I’d want to live away from busy traffic, but in an area that I could still get around in the winter; in the summer be able to take walks on a nice country road without having the peaceful quiet interrupted.  I’d also like to stay somewhere that I would still be close to my family and not have to travel for long periods or fly on a plane to get to them.


Spiritually, I dream of how wonderful it would be to make it to heaven.  I think that it will be so much more than anyone could ever dream of.  I think that it will be the difference between black and white and color; that you’ll experience senses that you never knew existed, that the harshness and filters of this world will be removed to reveal a beautiful, vibrant, fresh, new and amazing place.  I think that we will be so humbled and amazed that we will realize just how unworthy we are and blessed too, and want to spend eternity praising and thanking God for his indescribable works.  I think that our understanding will be opened and filled with the knowledge of things that have long been mysterious.  I think life will be so different and amazing that we will be awestruck.  I think that people of the past, present, and future will all be living together in a form (body?) that we didn’t expect.  I think that if we really knew what heaven was like, we wouldn’t want to be here on earth  (although it could help us gain perspective to not cling to the things of this world) and we wouldn’t be able to find the words to describe it to someone here on earth if we had to.


These are only a few of the many things I dream (or daydream) about.  In almost every area of my life, I have some kind of dream.  Those dreams keep me working hard, struggling through whatever I am going through.  They give me goals to shoot for, and become a hope in my life that lifts my spirits.  Without dreams, life would not be the same.  I believe that God has an amazing plan for me, so I hold on to my dreams with the belief that whatever is God’s will is going to happen, and may be even greater than my dreams for myself.  Dreams can and do come true.  What are your dreams?

I am my own crown of thorns. . .

As I title this post with another movie reference (a quote from “Hope Floats”- good movie!) I realize just how much movies play into our lives.  This is going to be yet another post about relationships/dating, and I may actually get into explaining why I began blogging again. (Yes, it pretty much relates to dating)  But before going into too much, I’ll give a little info- what gives with the title?  Well, in my dating life, I feel like I put my foot into my mouth way more than I should, and would like to remedy that.


Let’s start with the reason for my blogging again and go from there.  You see, I have a tendency to ramble on.  A LOT.  This tendency isn’t too bad at first, but once I get to know someone and get comfortable talking to them, I get to where I talk about myself more than I should, repeat myself a lot, and over share.  Talking about myself can be annoying, but the over sharing (also about myself) is what I think is my biggest downfall.  When I am interested in a guy, it gets to the point where I start sharing about past relationships.  Yes, I know that you are not supposed to talk about exes to a current interest, but I guess I just can’t help myself.  I tell myself that I want to be open and honest about my past and I try to explain away my dating behavior by relaying my dating history, but do guys really want to hear that stuff?  I mean, “Poor me, this happened to me.” Not only is that throwing a pity party for myself, but also when you talk about past relationships, it makes a person wonder how you will talk about them when all is said and done, and I know better.


So I decided to blog on here again instead of rambling on in my conversations with guys.  Instead of spending time rehashing the past with guys I like, I want to focus on getting to know that person and enjoying whatever time I have with them.  I want to improve my dating methods and get things right.  I think I end up driving away guys that I like, and I’m tired of it.  I guess what I’m going to do in this post is discuss my paranoia and deficiencies with dating.  Bear with me if you dare!

Initially, when I am dating, there is always this mixture of excitement and fear.  The excitement is obviously what most people feel- those butterflies in your stomach, the goofy feeling when you flirt with someone you like and they flirt back, all that fun stuff.  The fear comes from several places- expectations, being lied to, fear of rejection/failure, fear of past hurts repeated, fear of not being good enough, some of these fears overlap and cause each other, and some fears I haven’t thought to mention.


I’ve already talked a little about past experiences with being ghosted, another one is just being the one who ends up giving without the other person doing the same.  If a guy doesn’t try like I think he should, I just do that much more to make up for it, to “prove that I’m good enough” I guess.  I drive long distances to see a guy at the drop of a hat, offer to move to wherever needed to be with a guy that lied and said that he had to move to find a job after losing his, pay a cell phone bill at a time in my life when I am tapping into my savings to scrape by financially because I feel that if he doesn’t have a phone, I won’t get to talk to him as much,  let guy friends of a “complicated” guy make fun of me and be the butt of their jokes- basically allow myself to be at the beck and call of a guy, maybe even get trampled on while he either doesn’t really care, chooses to use me, or isn’t brave enough to stand up and say something to his friends because he wants to fit in, or some other reason.  Man, reading and thinking about all that I just typed just makes me feel pathetic, like nobody would really want to date me.  It makes me feel like I’ve just been needy and trying too hard, but no matter how hard I try or what I put up with, I’m still not enough for any of those guys.  Don’t get me wrong, they did me a favor because I’m glad I didn’t end up with them, but still, it drains my self-esteem.


I guess the prior paragraph kind of explains a lot of my fears, but on to the lying.  I absolutely detest lying.  I don’t understand why a person meeting someone who they are attracted to can’t just be honest.  It seems to me that it would make everyone’s life easier.  Like say, you just want a one-night stand and don’t want someone to be too clingy.  If you come out and say that you aren’t looking for someone to date, then you’re not going to have the clingers that think that you are “the one.”  If you are looking for something serious, you should tell the other person that so that you don’t cause confusion with someone looking for something more “casual.”

Even if you are not sure what you are looking for or where you hope something will go, you should be honest so that you are at least on the same page.  It’s like society says that we can’t be that honest and have to play games, but why not try honesty?  I have had guys lie to me when we first met or hide things from me, so that when I finally find out the truth, I question everything that person ever told me and wonder who that person really was.  I have found out a lot of stuff out about exes a while after the breakup, which makes me wonder why I dated them in the first place.  I just don’t get it.  If you are looking for a relationship, the truth is going to come out eventually, so why lie about stupid piddly stuff?


And cheaters.  Do I really need to say anything about that?  I’m not sure whether or not I’ve actually been cheated on- maybe, maybe not, it doesn’t matter- but I’ve seen enough people go through it and put someone else through it that it also scares me to think of how deceptive people can be.   I have a friend that I just want to shake because she has been cheated on twice by the same guy, and she only had it confirmed because the chicks involved came up pregnant, and yet she is still with him.  I have another friend that I was really upset by because she was talking to multiple guys (who also happened to be friends with me) at the same time, leading them on, even using me as an excuse to see a guy, or telling a guy she was somewhere with me when she was actually off to see a different guy.  (The second girl has since settled down)  I guess you have to let people make their own mistakes sometimes.



I have other things that I have forgotten, I know, and may blog about them too, once I think about them, but for now, let’s get to my last one- expectations.  This comes down to a few things.  People have different ideals, experiences, and personalities, so depending on the person/people involved, expectations can vary.  Let’s start with typical dating expectations- how long to wait before calling, who calls first, how much to reveal about yourself and how soon, how to handle it if you’re not interested, what a typical date looks like.

All of these can be confusing and nerve-wracking on their own, but an even bigger fear is the “other” expectations.  I have this fear of what physical expectations might come up.  I mean way back when, it was as simple as kissing or not on a first date.  Now, it seems that there is a 3-date? (I don’t even know) rule on sleeping with someone.  Sometimes even sooner.  However, I am a “prude” and believe in taking things slow.  I mean, I think that it depends on the people involved, but there has to be some real feelings and real seriousness before taking certain steps.  This is partially due to inexperience, partially for religious/moral reasons, but also because of the emotions involved.  I feel that anything physical makes me feel these emotions, maybe even an emotional connection with someone, and I want to know that the emotional connection is already there, and not have to ask myself whether I really feel a certain way or if I just THINK I do because of the physical.

With my lack of experience and naivety, I feel a little out-of-place in the dating world, like an oddball.  I just feel like I don’t fit in because I’m not sure I follow societal rules.  I have my own set of values and morals that I follow, and I’m a little afraid of what a guy might think, expect and that I might not do things “the right way.”


Anyway, I think that is the basics.  Now that I have put that out there, hopefully I can take my thoughts and experiences and use them as a learning experience.  Here’s to hoping for no more being my own crown of thorns, no more putting my foot in my mouth, and no more messing up in relationships.   Yet another set of repairs on the journey that I call life.  Here’s to keeping the damage to minimal amounts!

I Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost. . .

I saw a post today on a topic that I couldn’t resist titling with the Ghostbusters theme song, especially since another version has come out recently.  But in all seriousness it is a topic I just want to rant on, especially after reading a certain facebook post from a lady in a group I’m in.


Since the Facebook group mentioned is a private one, and I don’t want to give away too much, I will basically paraphrase what she said.  This post was saying how messed up ghosting really is, and how much of a norm it has become to her for guys to do it that it doesn’t phase her anymore.  She then goes on to say that a guy friend was supposed to be coming over for dinner that night, said he was headed her way, but then took too long.  She assumed he was doing the whole ghosting thing and texted him back something about maybe some other time, and he still didn’t get back to her.  Turns out the guy was in an accident and had to be taken to the trama unit.


I’ve always been angered by the whole ghosting thing, but after hearing something like this, it just makes me even more infuriated.  I mean, think about the story of the boy crying wolf- after a while, people got used to the boy’s cries and paid him no attention.  This is a similar situation almost, with people getting used to someone just dropping contact seemingly out of nowhere with no explanation, and they may miss checking on someone as in the situation mentioned on facebook.  It’s really sad that as a society the “ghosting” or “slow fade” has become enough of a thing to be given a name, first of all; and second of all, that seems such a norm.


What ever happened to guys “manning up” and facing up to the person to come out and tell them the truth??  Seriously.  If you are going to go to the trouble of getting a girls’ attention, asking her out dating her, whatever, can’t you at least have the decency to let her know what’s going on?  I mean, sure it is hard to think of doing something that might hurt the other person or make them cry, but the pain felt on the other end is the same for the person being ghosted whether they get told or just guess- you’re just to chicken to handle being around it.  Now that person is not only left hurt, but also confused.

I don’t know how many of you reading this have been ghosted or have done the ghosting, but I bet a lot have.   I for one, have had this experience, and let me tell you, it has had an impact on my dating point of view.  The biggest thing it has done is make me second-guess myself and the other person.  I remember going on a date with a guy once, thinking everything went alright, and then not hearing from the guy again after that.  I was upset and confused, wondering what happened, what went wrong, what was wrong with me.  I remember talking to a girl that was mutual friend about it, trying to figure it out, and then going someplace that this guy also was and seeing him grinding on the dance floor with some girl.  I was very hurt and upset.  (Funny thing is, we have since become friends)


I think the worst was when a boyfriend that I had been dating for months did this.  We had gone out on a party bus one night, I drove his brother and him home, and then. . . crickets.  I got really worried and ended up getting ahold of his brother who didn’t really know anything, then finally resorted to driving an hour and a half to where he lived to talk to him.  I’ve been in other ghost situations before, and each one piles on top of the others to the point that I never know whether to expect to hear from a guy or not.


This brings me to today- based on past experience, I have now come to be paranoid about ghosting (among other things).  I feel like once a guy doesn’t come out and communicate or get back to me as often or soon as I would like, I begin to wonder if they are ghosting me.  I mean, how do you know if the guy has decided to ghost you, and you should back away and move on, or if they have just not had the time to get back to you?  Maybe they are just trying to play by “the rules” and not call back too soon, maybe they expect you to call them, maybe they are just as confused by all this dating stuff as you are. . . or maybe something happened to them, as in the example above?  What’s frustrating is that dating has been made all the more confusing because some people just aren’t “man” enough to tell the other person they are not interested.  Do everyone a favor- pluck your chicken wings, put on your big boy (or girl) panties, and communicate.  Let the other person know what is going on, you’ll be a much better person for it!

Growing up Disney when Reality Bites

So far, I’ve been spending my time these past few days catching my blog up on some general topics, mostly to get them out of the way.  I think this post will be the first time I’ll be actually talking a little about my (lack of) love life, even though I’ve said a few things about being single.  The thing is, while diet, exercise, and getting in shape is what got me started on this blog and has been the topic of most of my past posts, what brought me back to it is my love life.  Now, I’m going to be starting out in general terms, but who knows where it’ll go once I get started.


I don’t know about all of you reading this, but if you’re like me, you probably watched plenty of Disney growing up.  I remember watching movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, all the while putting myself in the shoes of the princess.  I remember pretending to be one of the heroines from some of these, especially Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.  If not that, I would make up my own daydream of who I was- sometimes a princess, sometimes a regular girl who found out she should be a princess, sometimes a regular girl who a prince would fall in love with.  And the singing!  I would make up songs like I was a character too.


No matter what part I envisioned myself though, some things were consistent- I was beautiful and the “prince” couldn’t help but to fall in love with me and fall all over himself trying to impress me, he would rescue me from some kind of danger, and we would fall in love and live happily ever after.  And now, I’m an adult, and you’re telling me that life doesn’t work like that?  My problem is, my head has been up in the clouds for most of my younger life, and I still want to be a princess.  Of course, I’m old enough to know the difference between all of those movies that I watched growing up and real life, but come on, sometimes reality sucks.


It’s hard to let go of those childhood dreams of meeting Mr. Perfect, falling in love, and riding off into the sunset.  And you know what?  We may have graduated from thinking of ourselves as a Disney princess, but when we become adults?  I’ll give you two words: chick. flicks.  Yep!  Instead of being a princess in a faraway land, we become everyday, average adults, just like anybody else in our own neighborhoods, cities, and small towns.  And yet. . . “Mr. Wonderful” walks in, some adversity happens, but in the end. . . you guessed it- they live happily ever after. (And if they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t watch or would hate it)


So what’s the harm, really?  Maybe none, I don’t know.  But then again, maybe all that daydreaming has caused me to put unrealistic expectations on guys and how dating should go.  Maybe I have overlooked “Mr. Wonderful” because he didn’t fit in my self-created mold of what I think the right guy for me will be like.  And maybe it has contributed to my being over the top sometimes, because that’s how it worked in the movies, right?


So what’s the solution?  Lower your standards?  Give up and decide to become a nun or an old maid?  WELL.  . . I’ve said this before- this life is a rollercoaster ride.   I guess for now, we take it as it comes and stay hopeful that what comes along will be worthwhile.  I’m not one to give up, so I’m not getting sized for a habit and searching for a convent just yet.  But with the knowledge that life isn’t perfect and it isn’t easy or obvious like it can seem when watching the movies, I need to relax, have an open mind and not dismiss a potential “prince” so easily.

Crossfit:The Progress I’ve Made

In the process of restarting my blog, I went back through and read some of my old posts.  (Oh, the memories!)  It was kind of cool to look back and reminisce about where I was, knowing where I am now.  For the record, when I looked back at my goals, the only thing that I mentioned that I have yet to achieve (unless I’m mistaken) is ring muscle ups, and I’m REALLY close to getting those.


I still hold my foot on pistols unless I hold a weight to counterbalance, but I’ve seen Games and Regionals athletes do that, so I’m not concerned.  I got chest-to-bar pullups and kipping handstand pushups during the Open in 2015, and bar muscle-ups during the Open this year.  My lifts are so much higher now- that 85# overhead squat that scared me away from RX in the MAT Games is not at all scary now, aside from an elbow injury that sometimes scares me on overhead lifts.  My one rep max on overhead squats is 125# right now, and I might be able to do more if not for a mental block associated with said elbow injury.  I’m no longer afraid of most movements and love when the workouts include heavy weights.  Cardio is my nemesis- I don’t feel that I have the “engine” that some people do, and get winded more than I like.  The box  has been open in the town that I am living in for two years and I am able to workout there about 5 days a week most weeks.  Sure beats working out on my own at the school!

One thing about my old posts though, I at least set a goal regularly every week and I stuck to that goal.  Maybe that is something that I should pick up again.  I have been spending time these past couple of months focusing on my clean and snatch form, and am debating on switching my focus to ring muscle up drills.  On the one side, I still have some work to do on my cleans and snatches.  I do need to cut down my time that I spend on those, though, since I will not be able to spend as much extra time on them once school starts.  Part of me is thinking that if I cut down my time and cut my focus on those, then I can readjust my time to being spent on getting my first ring muscle up.


In the past, I set my goals to those that would help me get closer to being all RX in workouts.  I stayed focused on one goal at a time until I was able to do the movement desired.  I have been doing RX in workouts pretty much every time now, usually doing RX+ when it comes up.  However, if there are ring muscle ups in a WOD, I am unable to do those.  With that in mind, and since I am capable of doing snatches and cleans, even at heavy weights, I feel that I am better off working on getting my ring muscle ups.


Ring muscle ups are one of those elusive “way up there” movements that seem impossible.  However, I never imagined I would be able to do bar muscle ups, and I just got through a WOD the other day that had 30 of them in a row.  I think that the key for me is getting that determination and focus, and overcoming the fear.  I have the strength, I just need to fix my technique.  I need to get up there and keep working until I get it- quit making excuses for not trying (my hands are sore, my back is sore, I’m exhausted, I don’t have time, blah, blah, blah)  I’ve reached the goals I that I have met by using stubborn determination.  Think, “I’ll be able to do _____ if it’s the last thing I do, as if my life depends on it.”  So, here goes!


I’ll leave you with a list of movements that I still have yet to accomplish, and those I need to work on, or at least those that I can think of right now:

  • Ring muscle ups (practice ring dips in conjunction)
  • Handstand walking
  • Legless rope climbs
  • Pegboard (we don’t have one at our box)
  • STRICT handstand pushups (I already do kipping)
  • Improve kipping on pull-ups and toes-to-bar
  • Improve double-unders (get rid of kangaroo hop)
  • string bar muscle-ups together (instead of one at a time, then jumping down for the next)